Kevin is a photographer who was born in Tasmania, Australia, to an immigrant British family. He became interested in Photography as a child, when his Grandmother let him use her film camera, using it he shot many moving images of his family and his family's gardens.

In 2004 Kevin studied multiple units of competency in a Diploma of Multimedia. Kevin who is interested in people, graduated with a Degree in Nursing in 2011. He has also studied acting with Peter Kalos through 2013-15. Kevin feels that acting inspires his photographic work tremendously. He will continue to pursue acting as a way to understand his subjects on the other side of the lens.

His continued interest in photography has developed over the years with Kevin making use of over 40 different camera systems. Kevin is astutely able to understand technology to an advanced level. In 2017 Kevin became a Certified PhaseOne Professional & completed the Cert IV in Photo imaging at RMIT with distinction.

Kevin's photographic interest developed from his primary interests and hobbies in life. Acting & People/Nursing. Since what drives Kevin's photography is a keen interest in people it follows suit that most of his images include people. Kevin likes to expose the persons character and see them for who they are through the lens of the camera. Whether it is via documentary style video or stills.

Kevin's style is most like a cinematographer. His lighting draws inspiration from Hollywood film. He thoroughly enjoys experimenting with multiple different lighting techniques & systems.

Kevin is proficient in the use of the entire adobe suite with a particularly strong ability in Photoshop. He also has industry TV/Film set experience. Kevin has spent the last 3 years in and around Australian Film & Television sets and has extensive experience avoiding tripping over the cables!

Kevin also makes a mean coffee.

Kevin Priestley Self Portrait 2017

Kevin Priestley Self Portrait 2017